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WarmtHub, the cultural artistic space where the lobby of the Warmthotel in Rome is used as an exhibition area, presents "3C, CIELI-CROMIE-CONCETTI" (SKIES-COLORS-CONCEPTS) an art exhibit by Creola Carla Cristofari. It will be available at the Warmthotel located at via Giuseppe Prezzolini, 5 - 00143 Rome EUR every day from 10am to 10pm until 31 October 2024.


Acrylic colors mixed with structural paste and oil colors are placed and overlaid on the canvas through the use of spatulas to give shape to the emotions of an artist in continuous search for beauty who has made the spatula her best friend!


We asked the artist Creola Carla Cristofari to explain her exhibition "3C, CIELI-CROMIE-CONCETTI":

“My artistic path has always been linked to the letter C: my initials are three C’s, C is a letter that has always recalled art from Colors to Compositions, and 3 are my main spatula styles.

This exhibition aims to be a summary of my journey through contemporary art (another C!), from the skies that inspired my first works to the more conceptual works, all united by the search for new colors and shades, captured on the canvas using different styles of spatulas and paste materials.

Chromatic harmony and three-dimensionality are distinctive factors of my art which seeks to communicate in a very direct way with the observer - trying to inspire pure emotions. I wish to impress emotions with my spatula on the canvas - the complete opposite to cold reasoning.

The different spatula techniques are accompanied by the various materials that I use, often combined, to give further depth to my works, creating a sort of fourth dimension in which the observer can find new concepts and complexities with which to give free range to their own thoughts and fantasies.”


The exhibition can be viewed at the Warmthotel located at Via Giuseppe Prezzolini, 5 – 00143 Rome, every day from 10am to 10pm until 31 October 2024.


Guided tours are available upon request. For reservations contact the artist at the references below:

Artist: Creola Carla Cristofari

Ph: (+39) 328 055 0913

Email: cristofari.c.c@gmail.com

Instagram: creola.carla.cristofari


For Info: https://www.warmthotel.it/warmthub

FB @warmthotel

Instagram Warmthotel_rome

Ph: 065014283


I am Creole. Art has always been part of me and has always guided my way of seeing life: I like to have a multi-sensory approach to my pieces where I always try to capture the essence of my passions - trying to convey all the emotions I have experienced in the moment of creation.

I attended the "Altieri Moda e Arte" academy and in my artistic journey I have ranged between different techniques and materials such as resins, fabrics and leathers, finding my identity in abstract art with the spatula.

My path with the spatula began in 2020 with the intention of expressing my emotions on the canvas alongside the desire that has always been a part of me to seek beauty.

After the first experimental works, I began my artistic career by exhibiting two of my pieces in Rome in via Margutta. The first was in the "Dantebus" gallery and the second in the "Artisticamente" exhibition of the "Area Contesa Arte" gallery, in which the artistic panel awarded me first prize.

The year 2022 marks the real turning point in my journey, not only artistically, but also in my personal life.

In rapid succession I had the pleasure of holding my first two personal exhibitions in Rome: “Cromat(er)ica” in the “Area Contesa Arte” gallery in via Margutta and “Colori in forma” in the Vertecchi Flaminio-Parioli exhibition space in via Pietro da Cortona.

Then, with great satisfaction, the first international exhibit to feature one of my works  in the collective "Better Life: Art can do it" in the Museo del Mar in Santa Pola - Alicante in Spain, which was possible since I’d won an artistic competition held by the “Divulgarti” and “Teelent” associations. 

Also in 2022 I began to permanently collaborate with two prestigious art galleries in Lazio: "Area Contesa Arte" in via Margutta in Rome and "Agarte Fucina delle arti" in via dell'Olmo in Frascati.