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WarmtHub, the cultural artistic space that sees the lobby of the Warmthotel in Rome transformed into an exhibition area, is proud to present "Life Fragments," an exhibition of works by Zahira Rodríguez Amaya. Open to the public at the Warmthotel on Via Giuseppe Prezzolini, 5 - 00143 Rome, every day from 10am to 10pm until October 31, 2023.

Through the course of the exhibit, the Colombian artist wishes to present three exceptional phases of her painting that represent the progress throughout her artistic career: Pop Art, Figurative Art, and Abstract Art.

In this selection of works, which try to explore each style by appropriating their concepts in a personal way, all the characteristics of these currents that have particularly influenced the twentieth century are highlighted.

In some of her pieces we can see strong and repetitive elements, shapes and colors often used in the world of posters or advertising that show the anesthetic effect of a more basic society led by consumerism. Hence the importance of the language transmitted via the eyes and mouth as if trying to create awareness of the fictitious reality in which we live. To convey this message, the artist uses different materials and techniques including mosaic.

The artist contrasts these previous scenes with the next phase of her painting, reflecting innocence, simplicity, purity, and naivety through portraits that imitate appearances and create an illusion of reality in order to produce a visual and emotional connection with the viewer experiencing them.

To finish with, the artist underlines the artistic process itself via pieces that renounce any figurative concept - where the unreal and the unrecognizable become the protagonists of her originality. With sudden creativity she expresses the spontaneity of line, of color, and of the geometry of shapes in her own interior spaces.

Both her paintings and mosaics reflect the everyday images of today's society while creating an opportunity to discover the artist and enjoy her works through their beauty, simplicity, and essence.

The exhibit is available at the Warmthotel on Via Giuseppe Prezzolini, 5 – 00143 Rome, every day from 10am to 10pm until 31 October 2022.

Guided tours are available by appointment. For reservations contact the artist using the contact below:

Artist: Zahira Rodríguez Amaya

Tel.: +39 3274683853

Email: mailto:zahhira33@gmail.com

Instagram: @zahiraartista



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