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The WarmtHub is the name given to the artistic cultural space found in the lobby of WarmtHotel in Rome. WarmtHub’s exhibition space is proud to present the works of Luigi Athos De Blasio. His exhibit portrays a group of canvases and sculptures entitled “Astrazione” (Abstraction) and narrates how the artist transitions from figurative to abstract art.

De Blasio explains that there is no difference between abstract and figurative art: one facilitates the other; one begins where the other leaves off. The distinction between abstract and figurative art is only an issue for those who seek one and, paradoxically, in many cases the abstract form may end up even more objective than figurative art, which often struggles for exposure to a wider audience. 

The artist makes use of different pictorial techniques, since his intent is to distort canvas and colors. To do so, the artist treats the canvas with chalk and glue, dries it, scratches it, then purposefully obscures the colors to modify the result. De Blasio uses oils, tempera, acrylics, and alternates various techniques within the same work of art --  even going so far as to cover some paintings with adhesive tape or cellophane. The canvas ends up being immersed by pictorial layers, and the finished result is a mixture of alternating delicate and powerful styles.

The works exhibited by De Blasio do not claim to replicate objective elements from the outside world, but rather to manifest cultural contaminants and express various frames of mind. De Blasio’s art is the result of atmosphere, emotions, and experience.

When we ask the artist how he creates his works, he explains: “For me, creation is essentially an illumination, a sort of vision that must be immediately transferred onto canvas. First comes the goal, then comes the journey to it. I have very clear ideas right away and need to capture the visualized project on canvas as quickly as possible.”

This exhibit portrays a quest for the Abstract as well as the influence of Neoplasticism, an expression of the essential nature of things and of the harmonious compositional symmetry of pure colors (red, blue, yellow) and non-colors (black, white, gray).


Mr. De Blasio’s exhibit is on display at the WarmtHotel in Via Giuseppe Prezzolini, 5, 00144 Roma daily from 8am till 10pm.


For information please visit:
FB: Warmth Hotel
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Phone: 065014283

Email: marketing@warmthotel.it


Artist Contact:

Luigi Athos De Blasio

FB: @luigiathosdeblasio 

Instagram: athosathos73

Phone: 3384253951

EMail: athosathos73@hotmail.com