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WarmtHub is proud to present {S[he(art)]}: The Art of She, the Heart of She, composed of canvases and sculptures by the artist Federica Anna Molfese.

{S[he(art)]} tells about Woman and the Self in harmony with itself, nature and the world. This relationship presents infinite aspects and allows the artist to describe the intimacy that is simultaneously both strong and fragile, romantic and realistic, a fighter and resigned, independent and dependent, altruistic and egotistical.

The exhibit highlights particular female characteristics, from the most obvious and evident, to those less perceptible and more difficult to grasp. Thus, the artist hopes to inspire a wide range of ideas and sources for reflection.

The strength of will, the ability to overcome both small and large challenges, the knowledge in knowing yourself and recognizing your own limits and needs, and Empowerment such as the freedom to define and redefine yourself beyond confining “archetypes” -- all these aspects have been translated by the artist into this set of paintings and sculpture. She expresses a vision linked to the very nature of SHE - to the feelings, emotions, and the true discovery and interior manifestation which all serve as a path leading to happiness and the equilibrium of the Self with the world. This pictorial representation urges the viewer to feel free by overcoming stereotypes, the fear of not being understood, and the judgements of others.

Federica explains: “My style of painting is composed of the feelings and emotions of oneself. The world around us determines whether we can live as our true selves, surrounded by people that respect our choices and support us for who we are, making us stronger. In this exhibit, I brought to light the nuances of the female figure, including the loving relationship amongst women. I reconnected them to nature. The flowers and vibrant colors characterize the dynamism and passionate nature of these relationships.”

The display develops in two sections, linked by nature themes. The first section focuses on Woman as a Being: her many faces, decisions, experiences, her relationship with her body, and with love. Special emphasis is placed on “The Heart Tree” piece, which represents force of will, the ability to overcome challenges, and knowing oneself. The second section discusses expressing oneself: coming out - the decision to declare your very being to the world, overcoming the internal conflicts in order to feel stronger and more secure.


From a technical point of view, these works of art merge the artist’s range of experimentation. “I began with acrylic painting on wood, finding in its crudeness and hardness, the perfect expression of those feelings. Then I experiment on canvas and other mediums, especially recycled material (old shelves, cardboard, plastic), trying out different techniques with each, such as overlapping, assemblage, etc.” explains Federica.

The exhibit is available at the WarmtHotel in Via Giuseppe Prezzolini 5, – 00144 Rome, every day from 10am till 10pm. 

Guided visits are available by private appointment in complete safety with the Anti-Covid Protocol implemented at the WarmtHotel by the Axy Care & Protection System. For bookings, please contact 065014283.



Artist: Federica Anna Molfese

FB: @federicaannamolfese

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/federica.molfese/

Tel: 3387043943

Email: federica.molfese@hotmail.com




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