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The vision and artistic technique of Fornace 77 inspired WarmtHotel to commission the artwork of the Graffiti Urban Bistrot restaurant - an expression of the urban yet elegant character of WarmtHotel which is located in a suburban neighborhood where you can breathe the alternative air typical of the suburbs. Thus the genre of graffiti was chosen as an artistic form typical of New York neighborhoods that is unbound by traditional frameworks. In this case the graffiti is elaborated with the refined accents of the Grattage technique, which involves scratching away the paint so light emerges from the shadows underneath to reveal the finished image, an elegant work in an urban-chic style!

The work is a powerful graffiti composed of two parts, one movable and the other fixed. The artist shows scenes of daily life in a Rome that is both strange and romantic, triggering unparalleled emotions as the viewer is pulled into the work of art itself. The section affixed to the wall represents Rome in all its facets, a mixture between the Ancient and the New. The Colosseum, the mirrored palaces of EUR, the Gasometer in Ostiense, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul,  entwine with the centuries-old columns of the Forums, the Arches of the Roman Aqueduct, and the Art Nouveau buildings of North Rome. The movable section consists of four separate panels that can be broken up or put back together and represents a metro station where the classic stories of daily life are staged. On the train is the inscription "through the out door," indicating the angle from which the city and its players should be viewed. The train departs from Laurentina station on a cultural journey to discover the rare character of Rome. It is both a physical journey to get to know Rome with all its peculiarities, as well as a sensory journey consisting of experiencing emotions of balances, contrasts, influences, and innovations within the WarmtHotel’s urban bistro, under the direction of the young Roman Chef Danilo Biagioni, embodying creativity and taste.